3.29x growth from $670,000 in annual sales to $2,205,000 in annual sales in 7 months.

This 7-Figure Challenger Food Brand saw 3.29x YoY revenue Growth through Data Analytics, Paid Media, and Creative Volume.

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To grow a 7-Figure Consumable Food Brand, Emblem mapped out key growth targets based on baseline metrics with strategy to hit those targets. Emblem performed deep customer analysis to create researched nuanced-marketing angles. These nuanced-marketing angles were leveraged with originally produced creatives to reach and acquire new customers profitably with greater spend volume.

The Challenge: Struggling Performance with results , Carnivore Aurelius connected with our founder uncertain about their DTC Paid Media performance. His Facebook and Instagram Ads were struggling with their current agency and they sought out help. After performing an audit the main challenges were: Having unclear performance metrics defined without a performance dashboard for day-to-day monitoring. A bottle-neck in not having a systemized process for creative testing and volume. At that time there was an entire month’s gap in testing creative. Missing out running paid-ads on Black Friday, the biggest retail consumer buying experience of the year. The biggest needle mover on any Paid Media channel is creative. This is what we refer to the Chaos of advertising–it takes being able to tap into passion, consumer-pyschology and imagination. To create advertising that drove consumers emotionally, we tapped into research already available. All of the reviews that were emailed to the brand, any video testimonials, any Facebook or Instagram comment. All of them were pulled together and converted into a “Hero Analysis” highlighting the most common key phrases and terms praised by customers. This then equipped us to create “Infinite” Creative. By taking a single messaging angle and creating multiple variations of it based on creative type. We were able to move the needle for their Paid Media channel with volume of creative informed by deep customer research and creative direction. We then established a baseline for creative performance based on historical data and improved creatives off of that data. From a creative AND numbers-based perspective. Our ecommerce designers and video editors are the fuel for growth to support the creative strategy.

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You have been an incredible partner and definitely have blown me away. I’m happy to give a testimonial online and such if people want a reference

Carnivore Aurelius
Pseudonymous Founder & Public Figure

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