Mission. Vision. Values. Process. Team.

Our mission is to make net-positive commerce the norm.

We're into doing good with Net-Positive Brands. Long term games with good people doing good things.

What feeds our souls:
Health, longevity, nutrition, movement, regenerative & sustainable practices, innovation.

What feeds our minds & hearts:
Growth strategy, data analytics, creative, paid media, non-traditional innovation.

Vision: 5 brand partners that have hit $10M-$30M+ in annual sales.

We're growing the pie. A pie of fulfillment, health, & meaningful relationships. We do that through good advertising with good people, doing good things.

Product Shoot for Carnivore Aurelius

To Future Partners, Allies, and Team Members of Emblem:

We aim to be like The Mad Men back in the 1960's Golden Age of Advertising. But instead of growing net-negative brands, products and lifestyles that hurt people, we do Exceptional Advertising for brands that do a net-good.

The original Mad Men are all dead. Ironically, they died from consuming the products they sold with such gusto. Their lungs went from the cigarettes they advertised – and smoked by the carton. Their livers melted from all the scotch, gin and vodka they made famous – and the three-martini lunches they enjoyed in the process …

- Jerry Della Femina, Madman of Madison Avenue

Instead let us extend people's health spans, quality of life, and inspire people towards a lifestyle that brings the best out of people.

Instead of selling another product people don't need, we'll compel people with brands that stand for a better way. To move people's minds, hearts and souls where they buy into their future. As a proxy for net-good, our vision is that by 2027 we'll have 5 brand partners we team up with that have hit $10M-$30M+ in annual sales. We recognize this is a 1/100,000 business outcome and rare. But why play for less. That's why we're selective in who we partner with. Discerning only with brands that will have longevity driven by a long-term vision and capable leadership.

To do this, we work with direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce brands by focusing on profitable social acquisition for organic and paid social channels.

The ecommerce landscape moves quickly that it's not enough to react but to innovate. Our team is designed to be lean for the advantage of speed for this very reason.

We have a relentless focus on supporting brands with impactful Top of Funnel Organic Creative and Paid Advertising while also matching performance to the P&L.

Organic Social Creative and Social Ads that add up to help Brands scale profitability.

Our best partners, allies and team members are all growth-minded. Valuing growth in their brands, businesses, careers and most importantly themselves. To aspire to actualize their potential.

We partner with good people that execute. Good people who put their sweat, blood, tears and effort into making a dream come alive. Those that share our values, beliefs, and code to help people live better through their products and their brand. Good people that are deemed crazy by the norm. Those are our type of people.

We can't wait to build together. Let's build the real Golden Age of Advertising and do some good.

Kenny K. Hoang

Our values

Relentlessly Resourceful, Relentlessly Proactive

When you’re told that something is impossible, is that the end of the conversation, or does that start a second dialogue in your mind, how to get around whoever it is that’s just told you that you can’t do something? -Eric R.Weinstein

See Avenger resourcefulness here.
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Infinite Mindset | Face a challenge, pose a solution | High Agency | How can you achieve your 10 year goal in 6 months?

Focus on Inputs

Make the inputs so overwhelming that it'd be impossible to not reach the outcome.

Keep the goal in mind while also keeping the inputs in mind.

Systems | 80/20 | Pareto Principle | One Thing | First Things First | Focus

Extraordinary No bullshit

You ever have something happen where the situation's complete bullshit. What can we do to minimize this. There are two factors. Embracing a high standard while not settling for less than that high standard. To not be okay with bullshit.

Self Actualization | Expectations | Constraints | Boundaries | Life is too short for bullshit

Level up Beliefs & Skills

Challenge your beliefs and ask if they're serving you. What beliefs can you replace that'll get you closer to living to your potential?

It's your beliefs that lead to your thinking which lead to your habits which leads to your actions which lead to your quality of life.

Reflect on your skill gaps and improve by identifying the one skill that has infinite leverage. Learn, apply, and teach what you've learned.

Identity Based Habits |

Gratitude when it's hard

When there's a a low frequency emotion, friction, a challenge, that's an opportunity for growth. Question is are we up for the challenge in spite of fear and difficulty? Let's embrace a culture of gratitude.

Perspective | Growth

The process

Make advertisements that people want to watch. Create immediate sales + build brand equity for the long-tail of sales.


We take a pulse check at where your business has been, where it's at and where you want to go.


Architecture Audit

We take a dive into your digital architecture and infrastructure to make sure everything firing the right way. Performance Dashboard, Pixels, events, server-side tracking, and all that geeky stuff.


Hero Analysis

We research your existing customers based off your data and customer reviews. We create a detailed profile of who your customers are and place it in a Manilla folder that says "Our People".



We go on walks, take showers, stay away from social media and let our minds got bored to the point our brains go on overdrive and create whacky ideas. Ideas that mostly suck but there'll be advertising gems.



We story board, script, shoot, edit, and create variations of our creatives. We launch them through paid media doubling down on Ad platform's machine learning and marry art + science.



Take the learnings, double down on the winners, look for arbritage opportunities to focus on and compound the wins. Slowly but methodically to get the snowball rolling down the hill.

Our team

An individual can scale mountains. A team can move mountains.
Kenny Hoang
Founder and CEO
Jennifer Chiang
Ranjitsinh Chawda
UI/UX Designer
Diana Gonzalez
Video Editor
Christian Gonzalez
Video Editor
Tais Semenova
Creative Strategist
Sebastian Bernal
Graphic Designer
Katya Marquez
Motion Graphic Designer
Jhean Repdos
Motion Graphic Designer
Jazh Perocillo
Paid Social Buyer
Multi-Media Designer