$2M Marketing Launch for 8-Figure Jiu-Jitsu Education Brand

Most Successful Jiu-Jitsu Course Launch of All-Time

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Gracie University saw an industry record-breaking 7 Figure Launch in just 2 days for its course release of The 32 Principles. Plus double the initial launch revenue over 120 Days and counting.

This was accomplished through Emblem’s Full Service Growth. Including research and copywriting, campaign strategy, Facebook & Instagram ads, landing page development, email & text marketing. Emblem developed a 3-Phase Strategy for the promotion of The 32 Principles. 1. Create buzz by promoting and hosting a Live Unveiling Event. A nod to Steve Jobs unveiling of the iPhone and Elon Musks unveiling of the Tesla. All great products are unveiled live. 2. Along with the Unveiling, launched a 48 Hour Promotion of The 32 Principles: Part 1. Embracing Rener’s idea, Parts 2, 3, and 4 would be dripped out every month after. 3. Developed an evergreen promotion strategy of The 32 Principles through refreshing new Facebook and Instagram Ads and developing a low-barrier to entry $17 product as another avenue to The 32 Principles called “The 32 Principles Mini-Masterclass: Principle Based Learning”. This helps deliver a product that stands alone teaching a new concept of learning plus nurtures the customer to buy The 32 Principles when they’re ready.

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When me and Ryron created “The 32 Principles,” my marketing guru, Kenny, asked me “Who is the target customer?”I replied, “Everyone who does BJJ, regardless of whether it’s for street, sport, MMA, or any other purpose.” Then Kenny said, “Ok, then you need to gather testimonials from Black Belt leaders in each of those categories.” My heart sank... Never in my life had I ever asked another black belt for an opinion on the merit of a course that I poured my heart and soul into, and I didn’t want to start now. After several months of stalling, I finally bit the bullet and reached out to several top Black Belts and granted them early access to all 32 Principles. Thanks to their testimonials, students from every corner of the BJJ world are benefiting from Principle-Based Learning...When I was younger, I read digital marketing books talking about how these marketers made millions in a day. It's now full circle.

Rener Gracie
Founder and CEO

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