1.45x YoY Revenue Growth & 14% increased Profitability For 7-Figure DTC Medical Supply Brand

1.45x YoY Revenue Growth For 7-Figure DTC Medical Supply Brand

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This was a brand our founder led marketing strategy and execution for when working at a previous Agency. This Medical Supply Brand had acquired new customers using Facebook and Instagram ads. To mature their growth strategy, ad buying and performance creative, our founder performed a year over year analysis of the business. Identifying where they were, where they were at and where they wanted to go. As a result, this led to achievable business outcomes but having a clear goal. Then he, his team and their internal team devised a plan with new creatives targeting new marketing angles that weren't utilized before. This led to budget increases throughout the year leading to 1.45 Year over Year revenue growth for the 7-Figure Medical Supply Brand. All with increased 14% profitability.

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The client says


"You are thinking about all of the right things and I appreciate you being proactive."

Emilio J.
Marketing Lead

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